About us

Investinor is an evergreen investment company funded by the Norwegian government. We invest in promising unlisted (private) companies aiming for international growth and expansion.

Investinor is an evergreen investment company funded by the Norwegian government. We are one of the major venture investment companies in Norway, both in terms of manpower and capital under management.

Investinor manages NOK 8 billion and invests on the same terms and conditions as private investors, with a clear exit strategy for all investments. Investinor makes direct investments in portfolio companies, invests in seed and venture stage funds, makes matching investments with private investors in seed and venture stage companies, as well as makes pre-seed investments in funds or through matching.

Our team has a superior overview of the market and attracts high quality dealflow. Investinor’s team is a value adding mixture of engineers and business professionals with industrial and entrepreneurial experience.

Investinor has a long term perspective on its ownership in portfolio companies, is financially strong and has a consistent, credible investment philosophy.


Our values guide us towards our vision, clearly define us and help us in making everyday decisions.


  • We work together as a team and seek to bring out the best within each one of us
  • We support each other in rough times and celebrate our success stories together
  • We regard our portfolio companies and co-investors as part of our team and crucial partners in pursuit of our goals


  • We are predictable, accountable and keep our promises
  • We have the ability and robustness to endure challenging times
  • We are focused on sustainability in our value creation process, and to exercise a responsible and active ownership


  • We listen and actively seek new knowledge
  • We are energetic and solution oriented
  • We seek to identify the right questions and look for opportunities rather than problems


  • We dare to go our own ways and are not afraid to fail
  • We are not afraid of asking the difficult questions
  • We act with integrity and stand up for our beliefs


Investinor takes minority stakes (less than 50%) in the portfolio companies and funds and always syndicates its investments with other investors. The investment tools are designed so that Investinor either invests directly in the portfolio companies and contributes with knowledgeable and active ownership (through board positions), or indirectly so that co-investors and investment teams have the primary responsibility for the selection and follow-up of the investment objects.


One of Investinor’s ambitions is to be our international partners’ gateway to Norway, one of the world’s safe harbors for investments.

Our hands-on team enjoys a superior deal flow from buoyant Norwegian sectors, has deep knowledge of these sectors and excellent overview of the market.


Investinor focuses on companies in the pre-seed, seed, venture and expansion stage, as defined by the European Venture Capital Association.


Investinor focus on sectors with high potential in Norway, and in which our team has deep knowledge and extensive operational experience e.g. ICT, Oil and Gas, Biotech and Aquaculture.


Investinor aims to be at the forefront of corporate social responsibility, and we expect the same level of dedication from our portfolio companies and co-investors. Our portfolio companies and co-investors must live up to Investinor’s ethical guidelines, or develop equivalent guidelines of their own.

Investinor is owned and funded by the Norwegian Government.